Friday, March 1, 2013

Hello March

As promised on Sugar and Vanilla's facebook page, I am bringing something awesome this March.
So awesome that I actually already posted THE entry but too busy to write this entry to tell about THE entry. Pening?

Ok straight to the point. I am now selling cakes. I mean non decorated cakes. Or continental cakes. The page with list of cakes is at the top of this blog. Below the header. Written as Menu (Non Decorated Cakes). With prices stated at each cake.

Some cakes are my Mama's recipe. Cakes that I grew up with. And I only use best quality of ingredients.That shows how special and yummylicious they are.

Few of the cakes are not suitable to be decorated with fondant or heavy buttercream. Each cake is topped with buttercream, cream cheese, ganache etc. They are different than the type of buttercream that I used for decorations. Feel free to email me for any enquiry.

More cakes coming soon. And definitely will update the pictures from time to time. I only had a few at the moment. Sorry about that :)


Do email me at for any enquiry.

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