Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dota 2 (Part 2)

Dota 2 cookies.
Logo and some weapons.
Dota 2 logo

Demon Claive
Hero : Sven

Blade of the Crimson Cut-Throat
Hero : Bounty Hunter

Little Blink Dagger
Hero : Axe

(Accidently took the picture of the cookie upside down)
War Blades Pack
Hero : Bloodseeker

Battle Fury

The Killstealer
Hero : Sniper

The Commodore's Kraken Slayer
Hero : Kunkka

Cleaver of the Hidden Hunter
Hero : Bounty Hunter

Manta Style

Slayer-Sword of Sir Davion
Hero : Dragon Knight

Red Talon Axes
Hero : Beastmaster


Correct me if I'm wrong. With the weapons' names and heroes. Got them from my other half, google and Dota 2 website....Ahhh the website, it's like another world in there. With all heroes and weapons. I was just amazed.
All this while I just heard about a game named Dota. But never imagine how the game really is. Huhu guess I'm not a big fan of games. To me, Plant vs. Zombies is challenging enough.
But anyway, had an awesome time doing reasearch and decorating with fondant for Dota 2 theme. Both cookies and cakes. A very interesting theme. Thanks Ika, for giving me the opportunity to try something different besides ruffles and teddy bears :P   And also for choosing me as your baker for your husband's birthday. Really appreciate it. Super happy. Wishing you all the best with Radiusite and Dreemika..!! 


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