Friday, February 8, 2013

Common Things I Hear

The common things I hear people say about my yummylicious.

"Comel nyaaa".
The most usual thing I heard when people looked at my cupcakes/cookies.
My cousin said I will eventually get bored listening to that. But nope.
I'm still very flattered. Hihihi.
But if anyone say that to the decorator instead of the goodies, I'll be more flattered.
Hahaha joking. Bad joke. 
"Sayang nyaa nak makan"
Yes indeed, I do spent my time decorating each and one of the goodies.
But I'm more than happy when you eat it and taste how good it is, InsyaAllah.

"Macam mana nak potong ni?"
The question I always hear specially for cakes and mini cakes.
And my answer everytime would be,
 "Potong je la macam-macam mana pun, masuk perut hancur juga".
Eh so brutal my answer.
"Bila you nak buka kedai?"
Hu hu hu. I will one day. InsyaAllah.
Do pray for me :)
I'm now gaining exprience of doing business from home.
Don't want to rush into things as I got so much more to learn.

"Any free cupcakes?"
Hahahaha the typical.
No comment on that.
Even my brother will check the oven or fridge for any cakes everytime he comes home.


Eireen said...

Hahahaha i pun dah hafal semua soalan tu! Aminnn semoga plan buka kedai termakbul, whether cepat or lambat :D

Ili Naquiah said...

Haa kan kan. Lagi2 siapa yang teman I kat bazaar memang selalu dengar la all these ayat. Huhuuhu.

Amin. InsyaAllah.