Monday, December 10, 2012

Safiyya TV9

On 9th December 2012, I was on Safiyya at TV9. My very first time to be aired on television...!!! I screamed. Out loud. And a lot. Hehehe.
My segment was in 'blog'. Manisan Agar-Agar Jeli Oh Jeli (Sungguh comel tajuk diberikan).
So who watched it ? And who noticed that I was very very nervous ? :P
Not a video camera person I guess.

The interview

The jellies I made for Safiyya.

My mama was very proud that her plates and teapots got to be on television.
Some of the jellies made specially for the show.
Will post more on others later.






Alhamdulillah for everything. Really happy that I got the opportunity to be on TV.
Thanks to those who support me from the very beginning till now. *tears*
InsyaAllah one day Sugar & Vanilla will be a successful business offering the best quality of decorated cakes, cookies and of course jelly.
You can watch the rerun on Thursday morning around 9 and Sunday at 6.
I'm also in the same episode with the awesome and lovely Jezmine Zaidan.
As well as Sue Anna Joe, the very talented photographer.
(Sangat bangga sebenarnya dapat sama episod with the two people that I really adore)


nurdani said...

wah dah masuk tv dah. congratulations! semua manisan daripada kak Ili memang sedap2. pertama kali makan masa opening obb sksyen 7 tu, terus saya jatuh cinta

Ili Naquiah said...

Yeayy thank u Dani..!! Bila la dapat jumpa Dani ni :)

Syaz Rozelt said...

congratz..hihi..nyway sgt comel jely2 yg dbuat =)

Anonymous said...

fuhh..penat menaip cari blog ni. hehe. cantik la jeli2 tu