Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Love For Gaza

Alhamdulillah. Everything went well last Sunday at the
'Love for Gaza' Charity Bazaar by Nurul WonderWardrobe.
I was happy to be part of this charity and met wondeful people.
I'm hoping that everyone had done a little bit of their part to help and save Gaza.
To give them freedom that they deserve.
15 % or more sales were contributed to Gaza.
Thanks to those who came and support.
Infront of Hello Deer, Uptown Damansara.

Me preparing the table.

'Pray for Gaza' Tshirt by Brilliant Knowledge.

Who organized this event.

Jezmine and I.
Second event together with her. First was at her new boutique opening.


With Suri Aryani.
I'm so happy that I got the chance to meet them and join them in a charity bazaar.
Been reading their blogs before and now this.
They're just so warm and friendly.
And very pretty as well :)

That's me talking to my Mama and sister.
Happy that they came and support.

The things I sell for the day.

This time I made full fondant decorated cookies.
With all fun shapes.

Halal Marshmallow in 'Save Gaza' tag.

My famous brookies..!!


And of course decorated cupcakes.





Customized cards and notepads.
And also badges.
Made by my other half.
Thank you for designing all these and my frame prices.
Also for helping me for that day and be my personal photographer :)

The 'Save Gaza' badge.


Thanks again to those who came and shop with us.
We appreciate very much.

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