Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Birthday ECR !

Starbucks cookie for a starbucks fan.

Made this for my bestfriend's birthday.
Her birthday was on 5th January but I gave her this on 26th January.
And I gave her just this one piece.
Didn't celebrate her birthday as I was too busy sleeping with classes.
And when I gave her this cookie, I totally forgot to take a picture with her in it.
I just asked her to hold the cookie so that it's easier for me to take pictures.
Do you think I'm a bad friend ?
She told me she got hit by a 'bola tampar' directly at her glasses caused her to bleed between her eyes.
I laughed.
She told me she fell from a chair in front of her guy friends in public.
I laughed.
And I wrote these embarrassing things about her here.
But somehow I think that's what a true friend would do.

Dear Makcik,

Ok I'm switching my mushy-mushy mode on.
You're now 21. Face the fact that you're now old. You can now legally go clubbing. But if you do, you know I'll kill you. So where's my mushy-mushy mode ?

Just a simple thank you for everything. Support me in almost everything. Especially my passion towards this. You're awesome and can't believe I just admit it. I'm sure you want to copy paste this entry as a prove I said that about you.

Hope my prayers that day will one day come true. No need for me to write the prayers here, right ? Just between you and me.

Enjoy your life to the fullest but still within the limit.

About your birthday celebration, I owe you one. Actually I already planned to buy you a big Hannah Montana balloon. But just couldn't find the time. If ada Justin Bieber I belikan.

luv ya
tak nak tulis besar-besar.



Eireen Camelia said...

Ha'ah laa wth why laa masa snap that pic tuu tak terfikir nak masukkan muka i yang terpaling comel amat sungguh sekali? Jahatnyaa hahaha!

Awwww an entry just for meeeeeeee sweet sangat2 eeeee bencinya ahaha! Oh btw ofcourse we're bestfriends, tengoklah lokasi2 tempat kita terjatuh tergolek kat mana.. We both two clumsy people yet trying so hard to be ayu all the time hahaha!

And because of that, i luh you too okaybye! :D

Ili Naquiah said...

hahaha seriously i lupa nak tangkap gambar u sekali..hahahah

waahaha..siap gaduh lagi siapa jatuh lagi memalukan..yup BFF yaww..