Sunday, February 16, 2014


I'll be away on the dates stated above. I'm continuing my studies in cake decorating. Diploma, InsyaAllah. Really hope I can serve you better cakes and cookies after my short course. Hoping that I can accept trickier designs afterwards. Hee. Wish me luck, dearies.

I think I will have internet connection while I'm there (macam pelik je kalau tak ada untuk zaman sekarang ni. hehe). I will try my best to reply your emails/enquiries as soon as possible, but maybe a bit slower than usual (more than 24 hours). Feel free to ask/discuss anything (related to cakes, cookies of course), however I don't recommend any payment to be made during those dates. As I'm afraid I can't view / handle the order process.

Listed below are the available dates until end of the year. Since some dates are already fully booked after the 25th April, I don't suggest for last minute order. For decorated cakes, a week before is considered as last minute. To avoid disappointment, do make your orders in advance. Waayy in advance for big orders. As stated at "How to Order", any last minute order (5 days before) will be charged extra 20% of the price.

Available dates :

February ~
17th - 19th : Fully booked
20th - 28th : Away (not available)

March ~
1st - 31st : Away (not available)

April ~
1st - 25th : Away (not available)
26th - 28th : Fully booked
29th - 30th : Available

May ~
1st - 10th : Available
11th - 26th : Fully booked
27th - 31st : Available

June ~
1st - 13th : Available
14th - 15th : Fully booked
16th - 30th : Available

July ~
1st - 25th : Available
26th - 28th : Fully booked
29th - 31st : Available
August ~
1st - 27th : Available
28th - 31st : Fully booked

September, October, November, December ~

I'm really sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you so much for your endless supports.

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