Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Theme : Skateboard
Cake flavour : Vanilla with peanut butter chips
Colours : Purple, Blue, Red with razzle dazzle and glitters.
Cake size : 7 x 9 inch
Cookies : no. 11 with edible glitter stars.
Ordered by : Aunty Juliana for her daughter's birthday.
The birthday cake

Made skateboard park designs all around.


Sarah turns 11.
I suggested to put two of the no. 1 cookie in one plastic cookie wrapper
since the no. 1 cutter is quite small.
Who says you can only put one cookie in the individual wrapper.
Aunty Juliana ordered the garden themed cake and the book cake. And one more that I will update soon.
Really sorry for not updating my blog often enough. 

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