Monday, November 26, 2012

Fashion Cookies

Totally forgot I have these pictures. Made for Jezmine (Old Blossom Box) and her team during the opening. The pastel pink and blue just like her new boutique.
The truth, I really miss decorating these fashion cookies. Can't remember the last time I made these shapes.



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nurdani said...

kak ILI, masa tu saya cuma tengok kak Ili dari jauh je. haha. segan sebenarnya.

Ili Naquiah said...

Dani. Why u panggil i kak? I'm only 23. u 24 kan. huhu. tu la on that day dua2 senyap je xjumpa. lain kali jgn segan2.

Eireen Camelia said...

Yalah yalah I want laaa. Hahahaa